CoE-IT Technology Centres - CoE-IT

Technology Centres

Providing Essential Technology Resources

CoE-IT strives to support the growth of internet and technology and for this purpose is sufficiently equipped with a number of centres. These specialised centres are available for private, corporate and public usage and are equipped with modern technology. CoE-IT aims to meet the technical knowledge demands and provide an educated workforce.

R&D Centre

Committed towards technological advancement, this cutting edge set-up consists of leading technology equipment to ease and enhance research and easily help bring about innovation. Our ecosystem helps companies make use of our pool of resources for their in house R&D projects. We strongly promote and assist IT research and development.

We facilitate smart businesses of tomorrow through giving them access to an incubation centre to facilitate them through industry mentorship program in technology, finance, marketing and equity partnership options. Our intake of young professionals rely on our alignment with the industry to make their prototypes into a viable commercial product.

Incubation Centre

POC & Demo Centre

We provide a high tech POC & Demo Centre for enterprises and entrepreneurs to test run and market their products. Organizations can now witness a technology in complete action before they make their most important IT decisions. By making use of our POC centre it is now possible for companies to thoroughly test before they buy.

We help enterprises align towards various international bodies for accreditation to ensure they comply with local and international laws, regulations and frameworks. They can rely on our affiliations with international bodies to bridge the gap between local and international standards and access to international certifications and memberships.

Affiliations with international bodies