Our Story

Centre of Excellence IT is first in its kind facility that is established with the purpose of supporting technological development in this fast paced IT driven economy and to promote knowledge economy. It is a collaboration between the IT Academy, PAF and Arcana Info – an IT company dedicated to delivering IT Brilliance. This facility is also accredited by Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) and Punjab Board of Technical Education (PBTE) containing highly qualified trainers.

The launch of CoE-IT was based on the need to fill the gap between the demand for specialized and trained work force along with innovative research and development and the lack of its supply. CoE-IT serves as an exceptional center to develop and deliver the skills required by our industry.

CoE-IT aims to deliver high end technology courses and is equipped with a state of the art training center available for corporate, public and private usage. Other features include R &D center, POC/Demo Centre and an Incubation Centre. Moreover, the centre aims to collaborate with international organizations working on governance frameworks and innovation in financial and telecom sector and bridge the gap between the local industry and current trends in the international market by bringing them on board.

Our modern facilities create the optimal learning atmosphere: pleasant office space, quality computing equipment, specialized labs, and airy, well-lit classrooms.


Our Mission

To encourage and inspire innovation in the field of IT. We aim to revolutionise and build a community around world class facility. We envision a better tomorrow.

Why CoE-IT?

  1. Certified trainers and partnerships with major IT players
  2. Modern premises to suit every IT need

“We measure our success by the extent of difference we have made and the development that has occurred by our exceptional service offerings.”

Message from Founders

About IT Academy, PAF

Information Technology Academy (IT Acdy), PAF has a long rich history. It was established with the name as Computer Training School (CTS) in 1997 as a component of the Directorate of Data Automation, at PAF Camp Badaber to abreast PAF personnel with the international and technological changes of that time. In beginning the main focus of training was on Mainframe Sys/370, Sys/3741 and Sys/4361. Computer Training School (CTS) was renamed as Information Technology School (ITS) in July 2005. The cardinal aim was to further enhance the standards of training for IT Professionals and revitalize the functioning of IT branch in PAF.

IT Academy, PAF previously named as IT School, PAF was shifted from PAF Camp Badaber to PAF Base, Lahore at No 101 Building (Old Airport Terminal)  in Jun, 2015.

IT Academy, PAF proudly carries forward its legacy through an untiring and unremitting commitment of imparting knowledge and grooms the future IT professionals keeping in view the latest trends and numerous aspects of IT industry.

About Arcana Info

An IT Consulting, Outsourcing & Service Integration firm focusing on E2E enterprise-class solutions that provide scalable and agile answers to modern-day business challenges.

Arcana Info partners with global technology leaders and provide IT expertise to businesses of all sizes aiming to elevate sustainability and growth.

With a team of more than 150 experienced professionals and over 20 large scale, global technology partners, Arcana Info is paving the way to new technologies that make IT investments easier, more scalable and reliable for the modern-day enterprise.

Website: https://www.arcanainfo.com