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Trainings offered at CoE-IT

Centre of Excellence consists of a high-end training facility fully equipped with cutting edge, smart technology to aid in the thorough transfer of knowledge. This training facility serves the need to offer participants operational training grounds that serve theoretical and practical purposes in all pedagogical resolutions.

We provide an array of training ranging from basic to advanced information technology courses for the general public as well as enterprises. Additionally, we help enterprises adapt to new technologies through training offered on core technologies along with their commercial applications.¬†Customized courses for corporations can be designed as needed with the option of delivery at their premises or in CoE-IT’s smart classrooms.

We are able to create engaging, immersive simulations of all types. All pupils are offered hands-on learning giving them the opportunity to put their core skills into practice and also learning essential softer skills. Professional tests and certifications are provided on the basis of knowledge gained.

Public Trainings Programs

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